Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande


Château Pichon Lalande is an iconic wine of Pauillac. The most feminine wine of Pauillac actually, because of its history, since its creation by the young countess of Lalande, and because of its composition. It is the embodiment of this civilization of high refinement that developed in Bordeaux during the 19th century.


Which communication to create to translate the history and the specificity of this great wine house?


No other castle better than this one can proudly state: « Le vin est une civilisation », « Wine is a civilization ». Therefore, on the visuals designed by Saltimbanque, the bottle is naturally born from the elements of decor that used to adorn the aristocratic interiors of the 19th century.


A mix of tradition and modernity, Saltimbanque allowed Château Pichon Lalande to establish a strong brand identity.