A person buys a good or a service to another. Freely. Buys it, that is to say exchanges it, through money, against another good or service they produce. This exchange, in this freedom, is beautiful. Trading. Can also refer to ideas, thoughts. From there, a civilization is born. The artists of Flanders and Italy meet up at the Lyon and Champagne Fairs. China and Europe speak through Marco Polo and the Silk Road. Trade, constantly menaced by lie, vulgarity, violence, is, intrinsically, beautiful. And if ugliness sells well, beauty sells even better. Formal beauty, a beautiful object, a beautiful advertisement, and the beauty of an idea above all, of a project.

This is what Saltimbanque does: helping brands trading, trading in beauty. This beauty isn’t art, it’s life. Basquiat said: « I don’t think about art when I’m working, I think about life. » What inspires us in art and the artists we collaborate with is the imperative of truth, invention, efficiency and beauty. This imperative is powerful: it is what we have called « l’art moteur », « art as a driver ». Of this motto, we make advertisements, digital communication, design, events. We make trade. In France and in the rest of the world. Louis Roederer, Shang Xia / Hermès, J.M. Weston, Domaines Ott, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, Bellavista, Gancia… attest, by the results of our collaborations, to the strength of trading in beauty.