Born in 1850, Gancia created the first Italian sparkling wine in 1865 in the Piedmont region. Since then, Gancia has become an important part of Italian culture and heritage. Beauty is deeply rooted in Gancia’s identity, history and wines.

While we usually contemplate and admire beauty, what if we could drink beauty? This is how our reflection begins.

Since 2017, Saltimbanque has accompanied Gancia in the development of its new brand strategy. "Drink Beauty", the original brand signature created by Saltimbanque, has been channelled on all aspects of Gancia's identity: packaging (bottles, gift boxes), corporate key visuals, videos, advertising and events (Vinitaly). This new chapter of Gancia’s story sublimates its true source of beauty: what is inside its bottles.

This is Gancia’s soul and ambition: to drink beauty!